Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bible Stories published!

Yes, the time has come - the Bible Stories Retold in Shiyeyi have been published! I probably don't have to point out how exciting this is for me. I mean, more than 11 years after the seed was first planted in my heart, to be involved in the task of Bible translation, I am finally getting to hold in my hand a fruit of that seed, something that I helped bring into being. Yes, it's a small fruit, a mere 26 pages of 11 Bible stories. But it contains a good selection of events from the New Testament, including Jesus' birth, ministry, teaching, death and resurrection. The best of the good stuff, right?

While esthetics aren't everything, I must say that it's a fine looking book as well. There are distinct advantages to having married a guy with years of experience in publication layout. I personally think that it's great if the publishing quality of the first books in a newly written language can at least be on par with those of the national language. And this one, though small, is definitely professional looking. Kamanakao even had it printed in my happy color: green. And I didn't even tell them that I liked that color! God revels in the details, let me tell ya.

I'm thinking my first chance to see the book sales in person will be at the festival at Easter time, unless there's a workshop before then. I can't wait to see people while they're seeing it for the first time, buying it and reading it! And I can't seem to type without using exclamation marks! This is great!

“I will take delight in doing good to them. I will faithfully and wholeheartedly plant them firmly in the land.” - God, in Jeremiah 32:41

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Rich Rudowske said...

Congrats! Look forward to seeing it. Of course, I won't be able to understand it when I read it. But no matter. Nice job!

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