Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Moving day again

So, tomorrow we move to Maun. Just a temporary housesit until we find our actual home but at least we'll be in the right area of the country for what we're supposed to be doing.

Which, at first, is just learning Setswana. But it's important to learn Setswana in the area where we'll be doing most of our Setswana-speaking, because of dialect differences around the country. But, also, Rob needs a place where he can do recording again. I mean, yes, he has a fully mobile studio. But he needs somewhere he can just sit and mix and master too. Also, I have a DVD of our ministry that we're trying to finish up and I'd really rather have the house thing not hanging over my head when I try to focus on that for the last few hours it'll take to do so.

Today, I'm photocopying the handwritten Shiyeyi New Testament that I found in the Shiyeyi files. Making 2 copies; one for the archives and one for me. Having to leave the copier to cool down for 10 minutes between every 10 pages copied certainly does slow things down a bit. Hopefully, I can get it done fast enough that we'll still have packing time when we get back to the guest house.

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