Monday, January 19, 2009

New digs

Well, here we are in Maun. We are, effectively, in a housesitting-
like situation again. That is to say that, yes, we are paying some
rent (albeit nominal) but the person who normally lives here is just
out of the country so all their stuff is still in the house. This
leaves us with the same problem we've had all along: where to place
our stuff where it won't get mixed up with or knock over their stuff.
It is, thankfully, quite a bit bigger than the guest house we were
staying at for the last 2.5 months. We currently have a bedroom, a
living room, kitchen and bathroom, which is 2 rooms more than we had
last. There are even 2 desks in the living room so we can work side-
by-side without tripping over each other. Luxury.

But the main difference in our situation is that the end is in sight!
We have arranged to rent the house next door. Woohoo! All that is
left before moving in is for the current tenant's paperwork for
Zambia to be finalized and for us to sign the lease. Then, we set up
house at long last.

Friday, we were wiped from the drive to Maun in the hot car so we
took it fairly easy. Our one big trip out was to eat lunch and get
some basic groceries. Funny thing: this house we're staying in comes
with 2 dogs. Now, they're pretty laid back, except when they're play-
fighting. Oh, and also whenever we open the gate to take the car out.
When we went to leave yesterday, one of them bolted out of the gate
while Rob was driving out and no amount of whistling or cajoling to
get him back. Thankfully, the guy who feeds them was in the yard next
door and he said we could go ahead, that he'd let the dog back into
the yard when he returned from running around. He also said that they
usually attach the dogs to leashes off to the side of the gate while
they pull in. I thanked him for his help, thinking all the while how
convoluted that all sounded. Like having to lock up your residence
doors and gates like Fort Knox every time you go anywhere isn't
enough. Anyhow, when we came back, both dogs were indeed inside but
obviously wanting out again. So, I unlocked the gate, slipped inside
and made little "come here, dog" noises while walking to where the
leashes were supposed to be. Come to find out there's only one leash
but, to my delight and surprise, when I held up the one leash, they
came over and sat next to the wall at my feet. As I I had actually
leashed them, they stayed when I walked away. They stayed while Rob
drove the car into the yard. They stayed until I locked the gate
again. Good dogs! And I told them so, in that gooey voice that I've
heard people use with dogs. I hope they continue to be as cooperative
on all our returns and departures.

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