Thursday, January 22, 2009

Irony in liturgy

One of the things I love about a liturgical church is the scheduled readings system. It's funny how often a designated reading, set by someone I'll never meet, a long time before my current needs and situations came about, will nail something I'm dealing with at that moment.

Take today's Catholic church of Southern Africa reading, for example. Rob was up all night with vomiting and diarrhea. It seems to have stopped but it makes for an exhausted day today. We won't be making the drive to Gaborone today that we had planned, let's put it that way. Anyhow, I got daily readings software from Universalis. When I open the program in the morning, it just has all the readings for the day right there before my eyes. Which is nice for the lazy girl in me. Anyhow, today starts with Psalm 37 in the Office of Readings, Habakkuk 3 in Morning Prayer.

Ah, Habakkuk – I have heard you, Lord, and my stomach churns within me; at the sound of your voice my lips tremble. My bones rot away, my steps stumble.

Seriously though, I think Rob will be just fine. He's accepting positive prayers on his behalf, nonetheless.

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