Monday, August 28, 2006

Eek! We're here!

Just checked my own blog and realized that we hadn't bothered to mention that we arrived safe and sound. Well we did.

Friday - Tried to rest but that wasn't as effective as I'd thought it would be. Still ended up working on pressing communication issues for most of the day.

Saturday - Hu-manned a display at the southwest Washington WELCA Bible Study event from 9AM to 3:30PM. Went to dinner with Dave & Kate at the Meskel Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Seattle. Spent about an hour trying to get onto 520 to drive home, stuck in a trafficky mess. Ew. But the food was great. Yum.

Sunday - Got to visit our home church, Cross of Christ. Twas a beautiful thing. We tried to unpack when we got home but didn't get as far as we would have liked. I fell asleep on a sqwooshy chair for an hour late in the afternoon.

Today - Rob is out having car maintenance done. Driving cross-country always makes us overdue for an oil-change. Also, Rob said the shocks were feeling funny, as in, non-existent funny. I can't tell. Well, maybe I can. The ride was feeling pretty rough the last few days. I've did some exegeting this morning and will be getting ready for my driver's license update (new name and address) this afternoon. That is, if Rob gets back this afternoon at all. He said this car trip might take longer than usual. Both our horn and cigarette lighter crapped out this trip as well. Is a 1998 car considered old? 'Cause that's what we have.

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