Thursday, August 10, 2006

The trip is coming ...

Just finished the last small group session for Summer Greek. So, technically, my job is finished. I think I'm going tomorrow morning to sit there while they take their exam, for moral support and whatnot. I'll probably bring my laptop with me for something to do while they're testing.

We've got a potential route for our upcoming drive across the country so I thought I'd throw that up here. The rainbow globes on the map are where we know people that we're either considering or know that we are staying with along the way.

August Trip

Not all of our "rainbow globes" have been contacted yet but I don't think that'll be a problem. I suppose I could do the contacting tomorrow morning, during the test. I think we're going to focus on actually packing today, since there's going to be things that we're mailing to ourselves.

Here's the tentative timetable:
  • Monday, August 14 - drive to Washington, DC; spend the night and the next night at a hotel with/near Johanna
  • Wednesday, August 16 - drive to Springfield, OH; crash at Emily's place, the Emily I met here at LTSS this summer, friend of Rachel (of Pirates of the Caribbean fame from previous blog postings)
  • Thursday, August 17 - drive to Springfield, IL; crash with Peg, from LBT
  • Friday, August 18 - drive to somewhere in Kansas, sleep in a motel
  • Saturday, August 19 - drive to Denver; crash with Kary, longtime friend of Rob's, for 2 nights, visit his church Sunday morning
  • Monday, August 21 - drive to Montana; sleep in a motel
  • Tuesday, August 22 - drive to Potlatch, ID; crash with Larry, Rob's brother, maybe spend a couple of days before ...
  • Wednesday or Thursday - drive to Woodinville, WA, move into Kate & Dave's basement

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