Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fire in the sky

We've been driving through Montana all day today. The skies were all weirdly hazy and we wondered what the "mist" was all about. Now that we're watching the news, we know about the wildfires all through the northwest.

We'll be in WA tomorrow evening, settling in, in Woodinville.


Rachel said...

Its good to know that you're getting places safely. :-) We're trucking away at Greek Readings and trying to learn the Hebrew Alphabet. I think its harder, personally.


eshinee said...

Aha! So, you're wired for Greek rather than Hebrew. I should have suspected.

Serenity! :-P

Rachel said...

Well, I had Greek in college so it just came back instead of being completely new. And the alphabet is closer to English and they use some of the letters in math and such. I think once I learn how to pronounce things and recognize them as words and letters instead of blobs of ink I will be okay. We got vowels today. I can read my name in Hebrew. That makes it easier. :-)

Peterson is giving us nasty chunks of the NT to read. I think I had to look up every 3rd word or so in the last one. I'm not a fan of using the BDAG that much! ;-)

I hope your car gets better!

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