Monday, January 28, 2008

Another week

And so the new workweek begins. I type this, hoping that the internet comes back soon and I can actually post before we leave here today. We're trying to not spend too much running back and forth to the Megahans' place to use internet. We usually make a couple of trips a week, spacing the days, sometimes coming 3 times. This week will probably be a 3-timer as we're trying to finalize our next newsletter and need feedback from the LBT service center.

We had a relaxing weekend, working on creative projects and playing games together. The weather was cool, with the rains and all. Still too chilly to make yogurt so I have officially run out of homemade yogurt. I am holding on to a couple of containers of store-bought to use for starter, now that it's heating up again.

I am just a few printed pages away from having entered the full Shiyeyi dictionary into Toolbox – yay! Then, I can start my interlinear checks of the Bible stories. Very exciting stuff.

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