Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday was exactly the kind of day that I've been talking about; busy but boring to the people who aren't me. In the morning, we drove to the Megahans' place (who are on furlough) to do internet things. I was updating as much software as I could, given our internet speed here. I also uploaded a song for Ouma, one of my fellow dancers at Botswana Music Camp. She did a couple of improv pieces that Rob recorded live and I managed to upload one to Facebook for her to access before lunch rolled around.

At lunch, which happened late as my software update took until 1PM, we stopped at the grocery store to get eggs and vitamins. A downpour started and we decided to eat lunch at Mimi's Cafe, wait for the rain to subside. It was just drizzling when we headed back to the car. 

For the rest of the day, I did things related to the Shiyeyi language project. I worked through more of the Shoebox tutorial before beginning to work on adding to my Shiyeyi dictionary in Toolbox. Then, I started a new Shiyeyi dictionary database. The one I had been working on lists the words are they are written in the most recent printed dictionary. The one I'm working on now breaks the words down into morphemes, for interlinear text analysis. It's a fairly repetitive and time-consuming process but one that is necessary and that will speed the translation and checking processes immensely once a working lexicon is in place.

See? Not particularly glamorous and not much I can say, when I'm doing the same thing for hours on end. So, if you don't see anything up here for days, it's because I'm not near an internet hub and I'm doing Shiyeyi data entry.

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