Thursday, January 24, 2008

Roundabout miracle

We were at the office (the Megahans' place, which has internet) when the rain started to come. Gently at first, it really hit by the time we made it to the car to leave. We should have stayed, I suppose, waited it out, but elected to leave anyway. We were regretting that decision by the time we made it a few blocks and found ourselves stuck on flooded streets in desperation traffic. People were in a hurry to get home out of the weather and were making 3 lanes where there were only 2. Bad enough on a clear day, worse when visibility is terrible, there are pedestrians everywhere and the roads are beginning to flood so that you can't see where the edges of the road are. Reminded me too much of the big storm last year on the west coast (of the U.S.) when we were on our way to worship team practice in Bellevue, got caught in similar weather. Drivers were doing the same sorts of things.

I was pretty keyed up by the time we made it to the roundabout downtown. People were driving very aggressively and I couldn't see how we were going to make it into the roundabout (traffic circle) unscathed. I was praying pretty intently that we'd make it in and out and the rest of the way home safely. We were 3 cars away from our time to edge in when, suddenly, a police car stopped in the roundabout, just before our entry-point. The officer stuck out his arm and stopped all traffic next to and behind him, something I'd never seen happen before. With a great sigh of gratitude to God, we easily entered and exited the circle. How's that for an everyday miracle?

We didn't even go all the way home but stopped at Galo Mall, for dinner and some groceries. Also, we were both shaken up and needed our adrenals to stop pumping. After we calmed down and the rain had fully stopped, we loaded up the car with groceries. The security guard came over and talked to us while we loaded up. His name is Clever and he'd seen us around. We talked weather for a bit, had a few laughs. He welcomed us and we said we were glad to be here. Nice end to what had seemed for a bit there like it was going to be a harrowing afternoon.

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