Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Due process

Sometimes, the days just get away from you.

This morning, we left the house at 7:30 to go get Botswana driver's licenses. After a while in line outdoors (thankfully it is overcast here today), we were handed a list of documents. One of the documents was one we don't have so we left. We went back to the house. Carl was doing research to see if we really needed that document and found that we didn't. He went back to the office with Melody and, around 1PM, got her license. He said they were closing up for lunch and that people with line numbers would be coming back in the afternoon to be served. In the meantime, I've done laundry plus internet and emailing stuff, thinking that we might go in the afternoon for our licenses. Rob just brought me a sandwich for lunch. It's already 1:20PM. Argh.

The greyness of the day is negatively impacting my mood, I think. Getting the licenses might have improved it.

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