Monday, March 17, 2008

Huge update

As of our trip to Gaborone last week, many things have changed. Here goes:

☞ We now have a car, the blue bakkie. It safely took us to Gaborone and back (a nearly 1000 km round trip) last week.
☞ We aren't moving into the empty LBT house across town. Instead, we're moving to Gabane (15 km outside of Gaborone) to housesit for a couple we met at Botswana Music Camp in December. We will be residing there from April to October.
☞ Rob will be teaching at an ELCB music ministries workshop in early April. Topics to be covered include audio technician skills, microphone use and working in a musical ensemble.
☞ I will have access to mother tongue Shiyeyi speakers in Gaborone, something that I didn't have here in Francistown. A source of particular excitement for me is that there is a young woman there who I've been told can work with me regularly until she goes to university in August. That's at least 4 solid months of exegetical work. This means that there are 3 projects that I should be able to complete before I leave Botswana, as the Lord wills: exegetical check of the Bible Stories Retold in Shiyeyi, exegetical check of a gospel (likely Mark) and a 2400+ word lexical database in Shiyeyi.

And we heartily thank God for all of these developments.

This week is packed with logistics stuff, before we take off for the Wayeyi cultural festival in Sepopa on Thursday. We'll return to Francistown next week and prepare for the move south.

This is where we'll be staying. The living cottage is the green one. The pink one is a lovely workspace.

The view from the upper cottage.

Ruth, me and the blue bakkie.

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