Monday, March 31, 2008

Thing naked

So, I'm finishing up the inventory of the Cook's Books (books that were left behind by the Cook family when they returned to the U.S. last year). I notice, again, the Tsumkwe Kung translation of Mark. Remembering that Mark is the book I think I want to work on with the Yeyi, I decide to hold on to this copy and am flipping through it in curiosity. It's interlinear. I come to a really cool part in the translation, Mark 14:70. I see the Tsumkwe Kung words “Tši |'wãa” and, beneath them, the English words “Thing naked”. Beneath that is a bracket with the word “Truely”. Isn't that the coolest? I'm totally adopting that into my own personal vocab.

PERSON: Do you really think so, Eshinee?
ME: Thing naked, I'd have to say say yes.

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