Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Festival pictures

Rob adjusts levels on his recording device. We were sitting in the speakers' tent.

Preparing for the next dance.

Wayeyi festival attenders, gathered in the shade at the kgotla.

Cynthia in the Delta.

My favorite dance group, the children.

Note the movement of the reed skirts.

She really appeared to be having a good time with the dance.

Goats in the road on the way home to Francistown.


Johanna said...

I must say, when I saw "Cynthia in the Delta" I worried about her bare toes and the possibility of snakes hidden in the field. Have you guys encountered any snakes there yet?

Eshinee Veith said...

We've seen one crossing the road. And our new neighbours said they had a baby snake in their house last week. Other than that, nope.

The real dangers were that she'd drop into the delta or be eaten by a crocodile. The grass makes it look shallow but the guys who took us out there said that it drops off suddenly and unexpectedly, even where it looks like you're just walking in wet grass. Then, I suppose you might get tangled in the grass or its roots and not be able to pull your way up to the surface. But they didn't say that. That's just my active imagination. Therefore, as you probably noticed, there were no photo opps of me walking in the delta.

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