Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finally licensed

We got our licenses today.

First, we drove to a local garage to pick up Carl to take with us. While there, we got the mechanic to check out the parking brake, which wouldn't engage yesterday when we got back from the licensing office. Sure enough, it had snapped. We're driving to the Delta tomorrow without a functioning parking brake because, frankly, we don't have much of a choice. We hope to find a big rock or brick to prop under a wheel if we have to park on an incline. Not much chance of that, though, Botswana being so flat.

We arrived at the department of transportation at 8AM and left about 11AM. Now, we're making beans for dinner. I got a load of laundry hung in the spare room to dry. Rob is taking Ndaboka to pick up food for the dogs for the next month or so. I'm downloading the latest version of Fieldworks, version 5.2. It's at 47 of 143 MB right now. I still have a short speech I need to write, for the festival. I think I have until Saturday before I have to deliver it.

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