Monday, October 13, 2008

House hunt

We found a room to stay in at Francistown for the month of November. Only major trouble is that it has no eating facilities. So, we need to get a mini-fridge and mini-stove to tide us over until we move to permanent digs. We're also trying to plan how we're going to get everything from one place to the next in one trip or multiple already-planned trips, so we're not making moving-only trips. It's too many hours from here to Maun to get into moving-only trips.

Yesterday, I did a Numbers spreadsheet book to keep track of household fund expenditure and budget for purchases. It's very pretty and functional (Rob called it pro). I feel like I have a handle on what's coming now. It will also help track things that I buy out-of-pocket, contrasted with LBT fund purchases. At this point, it looks like the fund will cover everything, unless my guess was off on how much a water reservoir costs. I went with 3600 pula. I hope that's not too low of a guess. Tim Beckendorf assures me that water outages are frequent enough in Maun that we'll definitely want wherever we stay to have the back-up water container.

So, housing and moving is in the forefront of our minds right now. Also, car-shopping and test-driving should happen soon. Once the visa comes through, we want to get settled ASAP.

Rob looks out on the river in the back yard of a potential housing spot in Maun

The house and back yard

Side view of same house

Closer view of same house

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