Friday, October 31, 2008

Messiah comes to Hallowe'en

So, not only are we moving this weekend but we have a full docket of activities for the next 48 hours. Here's how it's going:

6:30PM - arrive at Maitisong to begin setting up for tonight's performance of Messiah
7:30PM - perform Messiah (Rob sings bass, I sing alto)
11:00PM - pick up the Goulds from the President Hotel downtown (the couple we've been housesitting for)

9:30AM - drive to the Lutheran cathedral to set up to record the choir festival, for an indefinite period of time (could be all day)
6:30PM - back to Maitisong
7:30PM - final Messiah perormance
11:00PM - short time at the afterparty

6:00AM - load up the car
8:00AM - hit the road for Francistown
3:00PM - arrive in Francistown (hopefully), find out where our new digs are, move in

We did most of the rest of our packing this morning and early afternoon. We also did a move-out housecleaning, in prep for the Goulds' return. I scrubbed the shower with curlers in, trying to keep my clean hair off my sweaty neck. In the end, we dragged all our stuff to the upstairs room where we'll be sleeping for the next 2 nights and ran away to an air-conditioned restaurant with internet in the city. The heat was pretty roasty and we knew that we'd be wasted for the evening performance if we didn't go relax away some of the toil of the morning – we'd been up packing and cleaning since about 7:30AM. We tried to get it all done before the heat hit. We nearly succeeded.

One thing we've learned in the last 6 months is that we don't want to live in a thatched roof house. Rob has observed that they always seem to be whatever temperature you don't want them to be. Like, they hold in cool up to a certain point against the encroaching heat. Then, suddenly, the house is totally hot. Then, even when the breezes come, you can't get rid of the heat. Same principle applies in cold weather but in reverse; you can't get rid of the cold once it gets in. It's uncanny.

Here's a recent news story about the choir we've been singing with for the last 6 months:
BIFM and The E.U Continue in Supporting the Arts

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