Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mass effect

Today, Rob had the opportunity to record a mass written by Lynette, a friend of ours from the Gaborone Musical Society. Lynette has been working with the choir at Christ the King Cathedral here in Gaborone for some time. She's actually moving to the States soon so Rob agreed to record her mass with her group before we both leave the area; she to the U.S and we to Francistown, early November. He also recorded the material they were working on for Sunday morning, since the mic was already set up. Afterwards, they took turns listening on Rob's good headphones to the raw recording. It's always gratifying to see all those smiles when people hear how great they sound recorded with the right equipment.

Rob recorded while I took photos, listened, enjoyed and occasionally fetched water for Rob. Tomorrow, Rob will get the tracks ready and put them on a cd (not mastered yet) for Lynette to hear after our own choir rehearsal on Monday night. He'll go back next Saturday to record them again and then master a “best of” for them.

Another cool thing was that Rob was able to consult with one of the guitarists on equipment purchase for some of the guitarist's own upcoming recording projects. He recommended, as always, Sweetwater. Rob has been dealing with Sweetwater for years, for longer than we've been married, in fact.

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