Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Afterlife of the party

Bruising. Light, greenish patch by lower left jaw, corner of mouth. Still tender, puffy. Went to the library to call the folks, let them know I'd recovered from the weird codeine thing on Sunday night. Picked up ingredients for soup for dinner. I wanted to go to the WELCA smorgasbord at Cross of Christ tonight but I'm still feeling gross and would have to bring a main dish ... and wouldn't actually be able to eat anything, or talk to anyone. Everyone would be, like, "MMMM ... this is so good ... I mean, sorry, Eshinee. It's not that good." Way to ruin a good feast for everyone ... bring the girl who can't eat anything that requires chewing. Oh, and who looks sarcastic when she smiles and can't always be understood when she talks.

Now, I must make cookies for the LWML event that Rob and I are going to in Puyallup tomorrow; an LWML cookie swap.

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