Friday, December 08, 2006

At the 1 week mark

I've decided that today is my last day of looking like death warmed over ... and I'm making the most of it, as you can see. The bruise is still there, a little bigger now, and I've got a little one on the other cheek now. Weird that the bruising would kick in so late. I hope it's not gangrene.

Wednesday was a full day, with the cookie swap in the morning and Advent vespers in the evening. In between, we pretty much drove from one place to the next. Traffic into Seattle was a nightmare; an hour and a half from Bellevue to West Seattle, bumper to bumper. We pretty much collapsed when we got home.

Got to see Rob's folks yesterday. We met them for lunch in Everett. We had Mosaic band practice in the evening and then came home and watched Casanova, the last of my wisdom teeth movies. And I took my last ibuprofen last night. I feel OK today. Still needing more sleep than usual but the pain is just chewed-too-much-gum. The sutures are getting floppy in there but I don't think I've lost any yet.

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