Friday, December 15, 2006


These are photos from ... go there to see more. These show what most of the Eastside roads looked like this morning.

We're both fine. Yes, part of a tree crashed on the house where we're staying and took out the power box on the outside wall. But our smart friends called the power company right away and were at the top of the list when repairs began the next day. We, however, left town at 8:10AM, headed for a concert in Salem, OR. They still had no power when we left. It took us 2 hours to make the first leg of the journey, the part that should have taken us 30 minutes. A lot of that had to do with trees on power lines. We tried to get to 520 our normal way but had to turn around and come back the way we came. Eventually, I took out Streets & Trips with the GPS and just fly-navigated our way out of there; we'd come to a tree too fallen into the road to pass, we'd do a U-turn and try another way, route-changing on the fly. It was a bit crazy. No ... it was a lot crazy. Every tree that we drove under, I thought, "This is freaking nuts!" I also wish I'd had our camera, for posterity. But we prayed and drove on. Thank God our impetuous persistence didn't get the best of us. We made it to Salem safely. Saw Larry Norman in concert. Are now in the hotel, getting ready for bed. Praying for good driving weather tomorrow.

Hot shower, good. Place to plug in laptop, good.

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