Sunday, December 17, 2006

The last day here

They had church this morning at Cross of Christ so we went. The power came on at 9:30; exactly coinciding with the start of first service. However, they were all set up to do it by candlelight so they did it with the candles anyway. There's a pithy something in there, somewhere. :)

Couldn't find a laundromat that wasn't packed to the gills so we're bringing dirty clothes to Canada. I hope there's no law against such things.

Charging our laptops now at the library before I wash the makeup off of my face in the bathroom and we head back to Woodinville. We need to pack and clean out our room before it gets dark, which will be within the next few hours.

Found lattes, though we didn't get to them until after 1PM. Victor's in Redmond, actually had milk to make them with.

As of Monday evening, we will be reachable by email only, just so you know.

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