Monday, December 11, 2006

Rainy day journeys

Got a clean bill of jaw health from Dr. Maring this morning. The gums are sealing nicely and everything looks clean in there. No infection. Gotta use a weird syringey thing to clean it though. I can barely feel the wound areas anymore. 3 sutures fell out on our way to Dr. Maring's office this morning. Now, I only have one in my upper left gum. I'm glad the sutures are going; feel like little spider corpses in my mouth all the time.

After the doctor visit, went to pick up clearance letters from the sheriff's office in downtown Seattle. Parking was craziness, of course. The sheeting rain didn't help. The clearance letters are to show that we have no police record, for our Namibia visa. Then, we drove to Bellingham. Will work from Rob's folks' place for the next couple of days. Then back to Woodinville for a speaking thing on Wednesday night.

Making turkey soup right now. Or, rather, boiling bones and working up to making soup.

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