Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mission delayed

Again, we hung around in the morning, waiting to hear from the translator. By 11AM, it was clear that we would not be meeting on this trip. We went to get snacks at the downtown Shoprite before hitting the road. We left by noon, not able to wait any longer if we wanted to get home before it was too dark to drive on the highways safely. Michael got his mailing address by SMS before we left so we can mail him the stories to gloss.

The trip back was much hotter as the skies were mostly clear and blue, with scattered white puffy clouds (read: no shade). Michael's Toyota Hilux has A/C so we didn't suffer any. Just made for toasty knees for me, as I was sitting in the front seat. Got a few more fun pictures on the way back, especially of some zebra that almost seemed to pose.

Watched another episode of Sad Love Story on BTV. Man oh man! Those are the weepiest characters ever!

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