Saturday, October 27, 2007

Waiting to meet

After a delicious buffet breakfast of yogurt, muesli and fresh tropical fruits at our hotel, Michael came and brought us to Hilary's, where he likes to have breakfast when he's in town. During coffee, we (Michael & I) went over the retyped and reformatted stories that Rob and I had finished on Thursday and that I had gone over on Friday. Having not heard from the man we were going to meet, we walked around the airport a bit, looked at local cultural handicrafts. I found my first locally made greeting cards and bought all of the ones I figured could be shipped to the US with no problems at customs; all 4 of them. I was too hesitant to get the ones with ostrich feathers and eggshell bits, pretty though they were. The ones I did buy support with sales a local community, which is nice.

We went to lunch at the local Nando's, near our hotel, in downtown Maun. The food was good as usual, though service was painfully slow. I was actually jittery an shaky with hunger by the time it arrived at the table. It took over an hour for our food to be brought to the table. The reason became clear, though, when we left. The Maun Nando's has a bus stand in the parking lot. They had a lot of customers who had a short, finite period of time in which to get their food before the bus took off again to it's next destination. Given that some of these travelers may have already been traveling for hours, with many more hours to go, I can see why they had to be fed first. Just means we should pick a different lunch stop for ourselves when we're in Maun, as much as we love Nando's.

We went to our respective hotels to wait for the call from our translator. By the evening, it was clear that the meeting was not happening today, though we still have hope for a Sunday morning meeting. We had a nice dinner (pasta for me and ostrich steak for Rob) and called it a night.

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