Thursday, April 19, 2007

Awana have a good time

Did music last night for some of the wee folk at the Avondale Bible Church Awana. Nothing fancy, just the classics: Jesus Loves Me, My God is so Big, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord, This Little Light of Mine, Peace Like a River, and Jesus Love is Very Wonderful. Heavy on the actions. Looked at my thighs this morning and realized that I had beaten a small series of tiny bruises into them with my We Will, We Will Rock You version of Jesus Loves Me. There's a song in that, I think; "Tiny bruises, on my thighs..." [snort] Sorry. Didn't want to resist that one. Yes, I have the gift of musical satire. That's listed in 2nd Galatians 7:9, I think.

My big task today is to try some clothing on Rob that we got from Sierra Trading Post. Trying to make sure he has some nice pants and to replace his holey T-shirts.

Rob's big task is to get his guitar case fixed. He's driving to Tukwila this morning to get that process underway. He's been dragging that case around with rubber bands all over the handle that broke, the bands holding it together and concealing all the little wires that snapped out. He gets weirdness going through airport security with it the way it is, insisting that the security people hold the handle a certain way so they "don't get hurt". Yikes.

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