Saturday, April 28, 2007

Itinerary for Namibia

May 9
- Seattle, WA (7:25AM) to Washington, DC (3:20PM)
- Washington, DC (5:20PM) to Johannesburg (2:35PM - May 10)
- overnight in Johannesburg

May 11
- Johannesburg (1:20PM) to Windhoek (2:20PM)

Then, I recover for a couple of days before orienting with Rev. Boylan and the UBS crew from May 14-18. I will then orient to Windhoek (solo) from May 19-23.

May 24
- Windhoek (12:50PM) to Johannesburg (3:45PM)
- Johannesburg (5:55PM) to Washington, DC (6:00AM - May 25)

May 25
- Washington, DC (8:50AM) to Seattle (11:19AM)

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