Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Move

Today, we travel back down to Woodinville to retrieve the rest of our stuff and move it up to the house we're housesitting at in Bellingham. Actually, we'll be coming back up here tomorrow since the rest of our day in Woodinville is spoken for. Rob has to drive further to Tukwila to pick up his repaired guitar case. I think I may be able to pick up my new contact lenses today, if we have time to drive through Bellevue. I'm thinking of going to Awana with Kate and all.

I had a captive audience with Rob in the car during our long drive back to Bellingham and we worked out a plan for sorting all our stuff. We hope to finish as soon as possible so that we can actually spend some good, solid time with his folks ... who live 2 houses down from where we're housesitting. June has mentioned a return trip to Vancouver Island.

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