Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Digital camera research

We had to find a digital camera before heading over to Namibia and wanted to get one with camcorder capability since we're going to have to produce a ministry DVD each year. I've been researching for a bunch of days and have narrowed it down to this one:

Here's what I wanted it to have:
Image Stabilisation - don't want it to be all blurry just because I'm shooting from the back of a moving truck
AA battery powered - have to be able to get replacement batteries anywhere
Hi-res movie capability - this one has the 640x480 at 30 frames per second; any less than 30 fps is jerky
Sound with the movies with low camera noise
Long movie clip length - the capper on this model is 4GB, 4x what most other consumer level digicams have
Not too expensive - can get it on Amazon for $250, plus a 2GB card as a bonus before June 11, 2007
Built-in flash

The only drawback that I could find for this camera is the long flash-recovery time but apparently you can't get short flash-recovery and AA battery power in the same model. In fact, every camera I saw reviewed online, even highly recommended or rated ones, seemed to have an equal-sized collection of pros-and-cons. No-one makes a great or perfect digital camera at the consumer level, it seems. So, every consumer review collection ranged from "love it. best camera ever!!!!!!!" to "sucks. do NOT BUY THIS pece of jnk!" Given that we're going to be taking pictures in a bright, sunny place, we figure flash delay is a small price to pay.

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