Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Computer update

The police report has been filed, with the serial number, model number, warranty number and all the information we had. I'm talking with my supervisors at LBT now about what computer will replace this one.

I had recently started writing information in a Control Journal (paper notebook) as part of my FlyLady program so even alot of the data accumulated in the last few weeks is still available to me; thanks be to God!

I said to Rob last night on the way home in the car that I felt like God has known about the theft as a definite possibility for at least a month because of all the "urging" I've felt to get away from my laptop as a main place to store important information. Also, I backed up everything about 3 weeks ago because of how wonky my computer has been acting lately since the video card crapped out in May.

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