Monday, October 16, 2006

Full Sunday!

Rob preached 3 sermons and I did 2 Sunday Schools yesterday at Trinity Lutheran in Bellingham! Wowsa! Busy day. We made some great connections with people, got really pumped. Then, Rob went back to his parent's place, had lunch and pretty much passed out on the bed. I watched a bunch of "What not to wear" episodes from a similarly horizontal position. We're unwound, now.

We got up pretty early this morning (6AM) for us to drive back to Woodinville so that Rob could bring the car in to the shop to have the remaining repairs done from the break-in 2 weeks ago. They should have the car for about a week. At least we'll have a rental car, paid for by insurance, while repairs happen.

And I'm waiting to hear about what computer replacement I'll be getting, hopefully hearing on that some time this morning so I can go ahead and place the order.

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