Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Great news!

I just got a call from Dr Nelson, our naturopath, about yesterday's blood test results for me. Here's the update:

* My thyroid seems to be functioning better! My TSH dropped from 3.9 to 1.8 since the end of September. Wowsa! I knew I flt better. It's just nice to know that the testing can confirm that it's not all subjective. So, I stay on the Thyroid Support as it seems to be helping.
* My iron levels are looking good! So, I can slack off a bit on the Chromagen Forte, take it twice a week rather than every day. Great! It was contributing to my nightmare problem.
* My CA-125 test came back normal! That means that I don't have the conditions in my pelvis region that might cause inflammation, such as endometriosis (which was a possibility) or ovarian cancer (which was less of a possibility, though the excess fluid around my ovary did have us asking questions).

I'm glad to see that our pre-Namibia doctor visits are producing positive results. I'm also thinking that having people praying for positive health changes for Rob and I are just what we've needed and God is working in that. Not that we were all sickly or anything. But I am starting to get an idea of how much better I might function if my individual parts did.

Oh ... and I got my new computer yesterday. Double woohoo! The photo here was taken with my built-in camera. I'm holding the Christmas Messenger (LBT's newsletter), which features Rob and I, doin various things. That's me on the cover.

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Rachel said...

The LTSS Library got this newsletter yesterday and we were excited to see you on the cover!

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