Friday, October 13, 2006

Moving forward

Does it seem like most of my posts these days are about chugging along? It certainly feels that way. Here's the latest synopsis of my days:

Wednesday - presentation at Hope Lutheran School in Seattle. Despite a Powerpoint glitch that nearly derailed my presentation, "Praise God with a WHAT?", Rob got the computer back on track and it went well. The kids got involved, asked all the right questions, made all the right comments. The pastor liked it well enough to invite us back in December to present to the adults as well. Yay!
Thursday - doing "paper"work. I went through a bunch of magazines that I'd been holding onto, in case of their usefulness for presentations. I threw out what I won't be using, itemized what I can. Called Kirby at SIL Computing to touch base with him on his SIL software test, on Macs with an Intel chip running Windows in Parallels. It's OK if none of that made sense to you; it's a pretty new idea. Long story short - no problem! I'll be getting a Mac soon, one way or another. Got tahnk-you cards mailed to our supporters for August. I used up all our "fall vegetable" stamps and picked up a whole bunch of superhero stamps; they're pretty cool! Called Bill at Cross of Christ to talk about future partnership development possibilities. Went to worship team practice in the evening.
Friday - finished our MMR (monthly missionary report) for September and emailed it in. Am seriously considering getting dressed. :)

Kate is making a special dinner for Rob tonight. I'm contributing "creamed corn"; I just have to go buy the ingredients. She's making the cake. I don't do much with cakes.

Tomorrow, we have an LWML rally in Kent, a birthday dinner in Bellingham with Rob's folks and Rob is preaching 3 services at Trinity Lutheran in Bellingham on Sunday. Also, we may go to Canada for Monday ... if I can get a hold of my brother, Robert.

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