Friday, June 09, 2006

At the synod assembly

I guess that's it ... I'm here. I had a good day. My shoes were comfy and I had a chair to sit in so I wasn't all pained at the end of the day. I got 3 mini burgers from room service. They were outrageously priced but just what I needed. First meat I'd had all day.

I met lots of people today who took information to share with their home churches. This time, I was smart and took notes on who I met, what churches they go to. I didn't think to do that at the SC synod assembly.

I'm also drinking coffee again. Not much of a choice; I had a headache when I arrived into Portland yesterday and didn't want to be all miserable. So, I had a latte. Now, I need to keep my coffee levels up so I can be alert and not be rebounding during the assembly.

My friend Rachel, who was at Cross of Christ when we first started going there, lives in Portland now so she is coming to take me to a movie tonight, with her husband. We're going to see Cars. Tomorrow night and Sunday night, I'm going to stay with them. I fly back to Columbia on Monday.

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