Monday, June 19, 2006

Rob's email: 6.19.2006

Hi Sni,

I don't know if you've heard. It doesn't seem to be making international news. But do a few online searches and you'll come up with it. Namibia is currently experiencing an actual polio epidemic. To hault the spread of the disease, they're having mandatory vaccinations of everyone in the country (2.5 million people, according to one report I read) on Wednesday. I don't know if I've had the polio booster already or what affect there will be if I have a vaccination having already received the booster. What I need for you to do is contact my mom and find out if I've been vaccinated for polio and between the two of you see if you can locate a document which proves this. If I can't show that I'm "up to date" for polio, I'll be forced to be vaccinated... if not on Wednesday, then as a condition for leaving the country (sounds like a lot of fun, getting a shot at the airport, eh). Any kind of official looking document with my name and record of polio vaccination can be scanned and emailed to me. I can print it at the translation office here in Opuwo and carry it around with me for the rest of my trip.

So, that's my task right now ... track down Rob's vaccination info and get that taken care of. More to blog later ...

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