Thursday, June 22, 2006

Foreign Entry Requirements

Got this email from Rob yesterday:

So far a printout of the penicillin allergy webpage has served me well. No one is forcing anyone to take the vaccine; there's just too many people lining up to get it. The only real issue now is if they'll let me leave the country.

From the website: "IMMUNIZATIONS: Under the International Health Regulations adopted by the World Health Organization, a country may require International Certificates of Vaccination against yellow fever, especially if you are traveling from an area of the world that is infected with yellow fever. Prophylactic medication for malaria and certain other preventive measures are advisable for travel to some countries. No immunizations are required to return to the United States. Detailed health information may be obtained from your local healthcare provider or by contacting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, telephone 1-877- 394-8747 or"

So, it looks like Rob probably won't have to be vaccinated at the airport after all. Whew!

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