Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Second day of school

I'm pretty excited ... almost too excited. The first time we all got together was Sunday night, at the ice cream social. Ryan and I put out all the stuff for making sundaes and cleaned up afterwards. The students and other LTSS people came to meet and greet. I got really jazzed, had to wind down over a few hours when I got home. I don't know what it is about being responsible for doing things in groups that gets me adrenals pumping like they do. Like, I can almost feel the buzzing in my fingertips and forehead. It's not really a nervousness, per se. It's more of a rush thing. The whole time, I can feel the impending crash and, somewhere along the way, I get the sudden realization that I'm going to collapse when I get home. I can only sustain the whole socialness-with-total-strangers thing for a few hours. And thoughts don't necessarily connect fluidly the way I wish they might. I can't really think of a more sensible way of saying that. It's just that multi-tasking becomes totally impossible when I'm in that mode. And if I get sidetracked, something gets forgotten, almost invariably.

This has been most noticeable since we started doing partnership development. Rob and I have both noticed that, after being at a church and interacting with people for several solid hours, we just want to go home or to a hotel room and not talk for a long time. And we want to do something harmless and mindless, usually computer games of some kind, just until the muscles relax, the brain stops spinning and the body can sleep. My inclination is that it is an introvert thing.

Well, I've been like it both days, after being a teaching assistant. After an hour and a half this afternoon in the small group, I just wanted to come home and watch Commander-in-Chief, streaming online. Finished out the season, in fact. Though I did finish cleaning the apartment while I was watching. And I did the Greek homework for Thursday's small group sessions so I'm ahead on that. I hope to finish the week's homework tomorrow so that I can fully enjoy Rob's return on Thursday.

Of course, he'll probably be sleeping away whatever is left of Thursday, once he gets back to the apartment, having been travelling since early Wednesday. But I've been skimping on sleep myself lately. Perhaps I'll sleep the rest of Thursday away with him.

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