Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Big news!

Yes, we're flying to Botswana on Monday! The tickets were purchased at the end of last week. Here is our itinerary:

September 10
Seattle to Washington, DC (7:20AM to 3:13PM) - 5 hours
Washington to Johannesburg, South Africa (5:20PM to 2:35PM the next day) - 15 hours
September 11
Johannesburg to Gaborone, Botswana (5:15PM to 6:20PM) - 1 hour
From there, we drive about 200 miles to Francistown. That's about 21 hours actually on a plane, in the air and a drive at the end of about 4 hours. Actual total air travel time (including the trip from Woodinville to the airport in Seattle 2 hours before boarding and getting from one plane to the next) will be just over 37 hours.

So we're scrabbling to pack this week, now that I'm back from the east coast of Canada. Exciting times. It's good to finally be going.

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