Friday, September 14, 2007

Local delicacy

I had noticed a scattered ant here and there around the apartment and, as a result, figured I'd better be extra careful about crumbs. I fixed us sandwiches for supper and was oh so carefully picking off crumbs that I noticed on my shirt and lap and eating them. No ants were going to crawl on me, no sir. Then, I noticed something moving on my plate
Note to Peter Slayton: While you can probably guess where this is going, you should still stop reading if you're eating, nonetheless.
and realized that the ants were already here. At that moment, I decided to begin more closely inspecting those tiny crumb-like particles before popping them in my mouth.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Um...considering I eat ants the size of my pinky, alive and uncooked, don't expect me to have a problem with tiny ones that probably don't even crunch when you eat them. Thanks for the considerate warning though!

Also, weevils cook up pretty well in pasta and add a little bit of texture to the mix.

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