Sunday, September 16, 2007

Our flat

By the way, this is our flat from the outside. Yes, Rob is there twice. One of the side effects of life continuing while stitched panoramic shots happen. Ours is the flat on the bottom floor on the left, beneath the word “Continental”. The satellite dish isn't connected; boohoo, no America's Next Top Model for me. Both gates have padlocks and each door must be locked in 5 different ways. There is also a keyed security system. It takes us several minutes to physically get out (or into) the flat. We're still getting the hang of all the keys. The can behind Rob #1 is where our garbage goes. I think that wire on the wall is electrified but I haven't tested that theory. It is, at least, barbed. The flowers on the tree in the upper right corner of the picture smell delish, like honeysuckle.

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