Friday, September 14, 2007

Living in a diffuser

I am loving the way the air dries my hair. This morning, I washed it and gave it a bit of a towel rub. When I took the towel off, pulled my bangs across my forehead and shook it a bit, it was half dry already! Not only that but the ends on the sides and back kind of flipped themselves up and the bang dried straight into place when I pulled it across. Like living in a diffusing blow-dryer. The unfortunate side effect of living in a blow dryer is
Note to Peter Slayton: If you're eating breakfast, stop reading here until after you've finished eating to avoid any unnecessary indigestion.
crunchy, bloody boogers. Thankfully, I brought my nasal irrigator and some saline packets. I'm mixing them with bottled water to keep everything up there dust-free, at least until my body adjusts.

Funny side-story: When Rob saw this picture on my screen, he said, "Hey! We have a fan?" He hadn't noticed it prior to seeing it on my screen.

1 comment:

Peter said...

Thanks for the warning. I was about to start eating my lunch - saffron rice and dhal.

Also, I've had that same problem there in Botswana!

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