Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's actually chilly and cloudy out there today! I had to go back into the flat to put on a sweater. When we left the flat this morning to wait out front for our ride to the Bible Society office, there were a lot of people on the streets, walking to wherever they were going. I greeted one man and he returned my greeting. I commented on the weather and he said, “You don't hear in America about this [gesturing at the sky] happening in Africa, do you?” We laughed.

They're working on Psalm 102:2 right now, as I type this. Rev. Moteto was explaining what the idiom “do not hide your face from me” means in Kalanga. He explained that it is as if he loved a woman very much and always wanted her to be in his life, to be with him always, he would say that to her. A beautiful image.

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