Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home work

We decided to do a little work at home today, rather than being at the office while they're trying to finish up the Psalms. Given that I don't speak the language, I figured there were some behind the scenes things I could putter away at instead. For example, tonight Michael and I are going to look at BART and Translator's Workplace software together. He's coming to pick us up around 7PM. So, this morning I worked on a grammar tag puzzle he was wondering about. He's looking for a Hebrew construction that is only identified by a marking on the verb. So, I played around with grammar tags until I found a search string that generated a tight enough list of options so as to be useful for whatever research he's doing. After I got the list, I started digging around in the instruments in the Psalms research again. I got all the defining materials in Translator's Workplace and now I'm back on the Mac side of the computer to go over some of the Hebrew instrument resources I got online yesterday. I hope to get a look at indigenous instruments on the weekend, see what kind of matches we can come up with. It's kind of tricky, not having high-speed internet here at the flat. I've become so accustomed to just gong online and researching the minute that I have a question that I'm having to really organize my thoughts whenever I know I'm going somewhere with internet access. I'm using the Journler program (free for the Mac) to keep all my wonderings, blog-posting, tasks and random info in one place, for easy remembering.

Tonight, I'm making a chicken something or other with hot sauce from Nando's, that place with the great chicken Greek salad. I'll throw in whatever broccoli, cauliflower and peas I have left from our snack drawer since we're planning on a grocery run before the weekend. I'm thinking probably brown rice would be a good idea as well. As long as I get the rice on by 5PM, we should be on time for a relaxed dinner at 6PM.

I don't think I mentioned our trip to the museum last Thursday. There was an exhibition of various styles of batik and resist dyeing. One of the batiks is now my wallpaper (on my computer's desktop, not in our borrowed flat).

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