Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Advent: Day 16

Isaiah 35:7 The dry soil will become a pool of water,
the parched ground springs of water.
Where jackals once lived and sprawled out,
grass, reeds, and papyrus will grow.

During our boating trip on the Delta, the guide took us on a trip down a side channel. These are narrower passages through the clumps of papyrus which float on the delta. The river itself is shaped on all side by the papyrus. As we got deeper into one of these side channels, the guide turned around when the channel got potentially too narrow for us to turn around if we went any further. He also gunned the engine on the way out to churn up the water and help cut up the encroaching papyrus clumps so that the channel might remain clearer for future side trips on boating tours. Papyrus, if left to grow undisturbed, will gradually fill in the clear spots on the water, making them impassable by man or beast (i.e. hippo).

What area of your life has God flooded, permanently changing the terrain?

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