Monday, December 08, 2008

Advent: Day 8

Isaiah 25:4 For you are a protector for the poor,
a protector for the needy in their distress,
a shelter from the rainstorm,
a shade from the heat.
Though the breath of tyrants is like a winter rainstorm,
25:5 like heat in a dry land,
you humble the boasting foreigners.
Just as the shadow of a cloud causes the heat to subside,
so he causes the song of tyrants to cease.

When you live in a place where the rainstorms will soak you in 15 seconds flat and the sun will burn you in about 15 minutes, you learn to respect shelter. In the Okavango Delta last Christmas, I watched a thunderstorm roll across the papyrus, headed for the Swamp Stop, where we were staying. Rob ran our computers back to the chalet before coming back to watch the storm some more from the observatory deck over the river. He didn't quite make it back exactly in time. At the end of the Botswana summer, in March, the Wayeyi attending the Rueta festival in Sepopa demonstrated a basic African gathering principle.

What storm or heat have you been rescued from when you have run to God for shelter?

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