Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog hiatus

It did occur to me at one point during Advent that I had essentially hijacked my own blog for the sake of the calendar. It also occurred to me that this was a particularly eventful month that merited writing about. Finally, it occurred to me that I was having a sort of time of blog-reprieve in which to do things and take time to relax in the few gaps where I was not doing things. You know, because the blog was constantly having something new on it without me having to go online and make it so.

Still, it's been a wild month, one worth writing about. Here's a synopsis of the past month, by date.

26 - Drove to Gaborone, with an immigration appointment for the next day. Had the entire electrical system on the car give out around Mahalapye. Realizing this, we didn't stop until we reached a garage in Gaborone. Took a taxi to the Gaborone Hotel, the only place in Gaboone that we could get accommodation. Yes, that's the same Gaborone Hotel as is in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency movie. It's the cheapest place to stay in Gabs. There's a good reason for that.
27 - Took a cab to a car rental place and got one for the day so we could do all the immigration running around that we needed to do. Spent from about 10AM until about 4PM getting immigration stuff worked out, running all over town. Returned the rental, taxied to the garage to pick up the Hilux. Checked into a nicer hotel for Thanksgiving, had a nice dinner.
28 - Drove to Maun. In Kang, had the alarm refuse to shut off for about 15 minutes. It eventually shut off. Got into Maun after dark, checked into a B&B.
29 - Called the person we were going to meet to look at a house but they weren't available that day anymore. Decided to take a sensible Saturday off.
30 - Went to the ELCB church in Maun. Went to the Thuso Rehabilitation Center to check in for the ELCB music workshop. Waited around until after 6PM, at which point we discovered that we were a day early for the workshop. Found a hotel, checked in.

1 - Took the now-free day to work on the house hunt. Went to a real estate agent and found that they had 3 rentals available. Of those, one is a viable option. However, that's just from the price and looking at the outside. We can't see the inside until the current tenants vacate, December 15. The workshop begins around 6PM.
2 - Rob teaches on sound system principles. In the evening, I ran a get-to-know-you games night (yes, you read that correctly).
3 - Rob teaches on Scriptural principles of song. In the afternoons, he helps teach the guitar class.
4 - In the evening, we have a cultural sharing night. Rob and I sing “Borders and Time”, by the Ranking Family.
5 - We go to the educational game park in Maun, walk for a long time, see a bunch of animals in the trees around us: zebra, impala, baboons, turtles. We even see a snake hole and a fresh snake track. In the evening, we say our goodbyes.
6 - We drive with Edward and Ntirelang to Francistown, making it back in time for the ELCB Christmas dinner.
7 - We drive with Ntirelang and Oratile to Botswana Music Camp.

I'll pick up on the Music Camp timeline later. In short, more current news, I managed to get a bug for Christmas. Took me a week to kill it. Recovering nicely now.

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