Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent: Day 17

Isaiah 65:5 They say, ‘Keep to yourself!
Don’t get near me, for I am holier than you!’
These people are like smoke in my nostrils,
like a fire that keeps burning all day long.

Unlike Rob, I didn't grow up in an area of the United States prone to wildfires. Therefore, I hadn't experienced fire season until coming to Botswana. In August, the sky grew golden with settling pollution. It colored everything, making the light look like the like of sunset for most of the day. I was surprised, thinking there couldn't be that much pollution being generated by nearby Gaborone. Much to my surprise, the level of yuckiness in the air was only slightly diminished when we drove across the country, up toward the Delta for the LBT retreat at Shakawe. That was when we discovered that it was not car exhaust but the annual burning of the bush that was causing the poor air quality. Boy, did we feel it! By the time we left Gaborone, our breathing was so bad that we had to pause on the steps up to our house. Both of our sinuses were full all the time and, during the drive to Shakawe, Rob actually developed nose bleeds. The fatigue of it was the worst of it. I couldn't get away from that dreadful air. It impacted my functioning in all areas of life.

How has God put out a “holier-than-thou” smoking fire burning in your spiritual walk?

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