Monday, December 22, 2008

Advent: Day 22

Isaiah 59:17 He wears his desire for justice like body armor,
and his desire to deliver is like a helmet on his head.
He puts on the garments of vengeance
and wears zeal like a robe.

It isn't uncommon for churchgoers around the world to have a well-defined sense of what constitutes proper “church clothes”. The great variety of expressions of “church clothes” that can be seen each weekend world-over is intriguing. In North America, there is generally a split between casual and dressed-up, though what kind of clothes falls into either category is also fairly subjective. In Botswana, there is a three-way split between casual, dressed-up and uniform. This split can be seen here in the Sunday-morning photo of Rev. Michael Megahan, Rev. and Mrs. Motheto and Rob. Some churches, like the ZCC, have a dress code and a badge that is worn well beyond Sunday morning, daily in fact. One of the cool things about the ZCC is the how readily identifiable they are as a group of believers. The badge, a silver star on a green and black background, is being worn here by Moqaho Ramphisi, one of our Muyeyi co-workers. When we met him, it was one of the first things I noticed about him. Instantly, I knew that in some very important ways, here was man who shared values and belief with me. His heart-on-his-sleeve turned out to be my foot-in-the-door.

How might your life change if you wore a unmistakable badge of Christianity every day?

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Abson, Lara, Daniella & Sophie said...

Hello Eshinee and Rob,
I like the blog-make-over. The page looks really cool. I think the text is more inviting too - because of the layout, perhaps. As usual, it is fun to keep up with what you are doing/where you are. Have a Merry Christmas!

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