Thursday, December 18, 2008

Advent: Day 18

Isaiah 43:20 The wild animals of the desert honor me,
the jackals and ostriches,
because I put water in the desert
and streams in the wilderness,
to quench the thirst of my chosen people,
43:21 the people whom I formed for myself,
so they might praise me.

I've seen a few ostriches since coming here, usually on the side of the road when we drive through the Makgadikgadi reserve on our way to the Delta. I've even eaten a couple of them–though not while I was in the reserve, of course. They seem to be pretty clever animals. It seems that they are particularly wary of our bakkie and they flee whenever we slow down. I've gotten several pictures but not any good ones; they usually look like black and white blurs running away. Either long-term contact with hungry people has made them wary or they are just instinctively as camera-shy as they should be gun-shy. Isaiah says that they know what side their bread is buttered on. I say that they also have the desert smarts to know what side their flank is potentially grilled on.

What recent evidence of God's desert provision for you causes you to give God praise?

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