Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chugging along

Tuesday was all about reviewing translation work that had been done. There were portions of Revelation that had been checked by the Bible Society transaltion consultant and he had things that he wanted them to double-check or revise. We spent the morning doing this. Shawn then helped me install my Bible translation software and get the fonts in place. I also managed to round up some documents from UBS and LBT on potential projects in Namibia that I hadn't seen yet. When we went back to the house in the late afternoon, I got a chance to chat with Rob about some relocation issues that had come up in conversations with the Boylans. It's been great to actually be in the same room as Shawn and Jill, to have access to them for information and input.

Today, there was some checking of the Khoekhoegowab radio texts, the old scriptures (Elobmis) and the new translation, to illustrate why a new translation is necessary. It's helpful to hear how different the texts actually are. In the afternoon, I worked on a plan for Monday-Wednesday. Here's what I have:

Monday -
➤ Visa office: got to see if there's anything that could be done to speed up the process
➤ Bushman art
➤ City Optics: can I get the contacts I use in country?
➤ Internet Cafe: in case I continue to have internet problems
➤ Orbit Tech: for Mac accessories, like a Namibia-compatible plug

Tuesday -
➤ University of Namibia: research on local cultures and languages for the day

Wednesday -
➤ CycleTec: see what bicycles are available, prices
➤ Orthodontist: can I get braces done here?
➤ Canon: checking out camera prices and support

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